Welcome to my website which shows a selection of my work in paint, collage, paper cut & shadow box.

 In April 2016 we bought a boat, Tess Bess is her name, part of the reason we chose her is that she bears the name of one of my children, my other children are a bit put out by that, but shes such a lovely boat that they have forgiven us. We bought her in Holland, and sailed her back to Argyll where we lived, loaded her up with all our precious things, like tea pots and favorite cushions, then set off again for Shetland. That is where we now live, on Tess Bess. We are the only people in the whole of Shetland to be living on a boat, haven’t heard of anybody living aboard in Orkney either. We are the most northerly live aboard folk in the whole of the UK. Let me know if you know of anyone else living up here, starting a community would be pretty cool.

So… How did I  get into art work. I studied textiles at Manchester after leaving school where I got a BA Hons, specializing in knitwear design.. I used to tell people “I have a degree in knitting,” which always got a little chuckle. But when you say that to someone in Shetland, they take it very seriously, which is so refreshing. Living on an island in Argyll the textile part of my work was difficult to maintain outside of knitting for family, so I kept the design side going as best I could while my children were at home. Once they moved away and I had the time to concentrate more on my work, it appeared that illustrative design had taken over from the textile design I started with, and that is where I find myself now. Working in a number of differing mediums, and producing a variety of products from greetings cards and tea towels to large fine art pieces and private commissions.

Today I look back and am very pleased with what I have been able to achieve, I have exhibited my work at a number of galleries including The Gigha Gallery; The Lismore Museum on the Isle of Lismore; The Archway Gallery in Lochgilphead; The Jetty Gallery in Oban; and recently the Bonhoga gallery on Shetland. I have produced a number of commercial Logos for Scottish businesses and supported them with products for retail sales, I have also now produced numerous works for private commissions, and in 2016 won the craft & design category at the Shetland open at the Bonhoga Gallery.

What you see on these pages is an example of my work, past and present.

I hope you like what you see.

Thank you


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